June 25, 2010

Michel Auder & Andrew Neel

Friday, June 25 through Thursday, July 1 at 7 PM
Additional screenings on Saturday, June 26 and Sunday, June 27 at 3 PM

Michel Auder’s epic film is a summation of his half-century-long career as a video artist and diarist. In 15-hour diaries, 2-hour neo-narratives, and 1-minute haikus, Auder has created a body of work that is wholly unique in the history of the moving image. With the archive of footage Auder has amassed over the decades providing much of the source material, alongside new scenes shot by co-director Andrew Neel (the grandson of painter Alice Neel), THE FEATURE represents a self-conscious and quasi-fictional variation on the story of Auder’s life.

“In Auder’s case, the truth is certainly stranger than fiction. One of the first to compulsively exploit the diaristic potential of the Sony Portapak, he was right there at the heart of the Warhol Factory and the Soho art explosion. … Taking in his marriages to both Viva and Cindy Sherman, and affiliations with Larry Rivers, the Zanzibar group, and the downtown art scene, this is necessarily a tale of epic proportions, chronicling an amazing journey through art and life while providing access to a wealth of fascinating personal footage.” -Mark Webber

“Opens [Auder’s] world to a new audience, his aesthetic to a more conventional form, and his achievement to the wider recognition it deserves. It’s a beautiful, beguiling movie. … While indebted, like all his videos, to Warhol’s let-the-camera-roll aesthetic, THE FEATURE is closer in tone to the limpid diary films of Jonas Mekas and the plangent memoir-poems of the filmmaker Philippe Garrel…. His voice, however, is eminently his own: charismatic yet self-effacing, tenderhearted but compelled by uncontrollable appetites (for sex, heroin, and subjects for the camera).” -Nathan Lee, NEW YORK TIMES

This revival of THE FEATURE has been scheduled to coincide with concurrent gallery exhibitions devoted to Michel Auder’s work taking place throughout the summer at Zach Feuer Gallery, Participant Inc., and Newman Popiashvili; for more info visit,,, and