BLOOD DRIVE Compromised by Kate Levant

July 30, 2010

Zach Feuer Gallery is pleased to host the second blood drive by the artist Kate Levant and the New York Blood Center, which will be in conjunction with Michel Auder’s exhibition Keeping Busy: An Inaccurate Survey.  The blood drive will take place from 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

To register to donate, please contact the gallery at 212 989 7700 or [email protected]

As we engage in the societal intercourse of our eyes, abandoning singularity, our eyes watch others’ bodies, and watch others’ bodies’ eyes.  Watching is an acquiring, a going forth of vision.  We assume the fluency of visual transfusions.  Assume identity.  The ultimate form is yet unclear.  What has been witness to the dark?  To the obscene?  Visions as live as flesh, pulsing through eyes, through brains and through eyes, and breathing like wrestlers.  This blood drive is a cross section, a simultaneous refiguration to the visual watching of these video sequences.  Ensnared by our organic channels, a specimen moment arises against appointed rank, linking us with everything that is.  Strung out of their embedded forms, bodies breed a continuity.  Life exerts life.  We enter the images again through our parallel instinctuation.  Watching decodes into a primal conduct, surreal for an instance, an absurd vector crisis.  One’s own contradictions excel strangely, and under excelloration, colliding, unbinding, reaches towards an Analog physique.  Amidst what visually appears through Michel’s video streams, this event occurs to persuade some connections, to bring about mutual positions between the images and the bodies of those eyes that observe, to evoke a fluid relapse of the contours of our liminal forms.

– Kate Levant

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