Anton Henning at Magasin 3

Anton Henning: Too Much Skin, Taste & Turpentine
Stockholm, Sweden

September 7 – December 9, 2012

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Anton Henning at Musee d’art moderne et contemporain (Mamco)

Anton Henning: Non-Stop Beach
Geneva, Switzerland

June 6 – September 16, 2012

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Anton Henning at Talbot Rice Gallery

Edinburgh, Scotland

August 5-October 22, 2011

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In his first solo show in Scotland, German artist Anton Henning will create a Gesamtkunstwerk (total work of art) within Talbot Rice Gallery. Bright painted walls will transform the space providing a backdrop for the exhibition, which brings together furniture, lighting, easel painting, sculpture, window painting and drawing.

Henning’s bold, individual style, fluent in art historical references, challenges notions of ‘good’ taste. His work pays homage to revered Modern artists like Matisse and Picabia while including subject matter, such as ‘chocolate box’ images of birds and sunsets and naked female figures that are often subject to censure. Henning’s approach also draws from the movement of ‘bad painting’ of the late 1970s and 1980s, a movement of artists disregarding restrictive conventions in order to explore alternative possibilities in painting. In Germany this movement had a particularly rebellious attitude with the Neue Wilde (Young Wild Ones) and artists like Martin Kippenberger.

The use of space in this exhibition bypasses the ubiquitous ‘rational’ white cube. The white cube is closely connected to the authority of the Modern Art Critic, a space where art was supposedly separated from everyday life so that disinterested judgements could be passed. In the environments Henning creates, paintings melt into their surroundings and furniture and bright colours suggest a more domestic environment.

Henning is idiosyncratic and moves away from the cold, conceptual boundaries of much contemporary art to embark upon an exploration of what has been described as ‘painterly desire’. In this spirit Henning’s practice hinges on an individualistic lust for life that is compelling and uncomfortable at the same time.

Anton Henning lives and works in Manker, near Berlin.

Anton Henning at Magasin 3

Thrice upon a time

Magasin 3, Stockholm, Sweden

September 11-December 12, 2010

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Anton Henning at Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo

If Not This Time: Contemporary German Painting: 1989-2010

Museu de Arte de Sao Paul, Brazil

September 19, 2010-January 9, 2011

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